Plantmade “Vegetarian Egg” could be a good source of vegan protein

A good source of vegan protein

Why plant protein sources ?

A plant based diet has a number of advantages over an animal based diet with respect to prevention and management of chronic diseases. Vegetarians tend to have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension. Nutritionists and clinicians emphasize that an important reason for switching to plant protein sources is that they have a positive effect on lipid and glucose metabolism. Also they stress that a plant based diet is low in fat and is rich in fibers and vitamin C. In this post we will tell you all you need to know about the Plantmade Vegetarian Egg.

Plant proteins are not only a good source of indispensible amino acids, which are vital for human nutrition, but also are believed to have a number of beneficial health effects which cannot be obtained from animal protein sources. Plant protein contains phytochemical, a naturally occurring compound in plant food, which is believed to have a number of health benefits.

Sustainable and Ecological Benefits of a Plant based Diet:

In addition to nutritional benefits of a plant based diet there are other reasons to consider switching to a plant based diet. Livestock are injected with antibiotics so that they do not get infected in the unhealthy condition that they are forced to live in. This leads to antibiotic resistance to a number of pathogenic microbes. Rise in sea levels, global warming and climate change are serious concerns. Animal husbandry plays a significant role in global warming hence climate change since it is the second largest source of greenhouse gases contributed by mankind. Thus ecologists stress it is important to reduce the intake of animal and dairy products to reduce green house gas emission and exploitation of biological resources. In order to meet the demands of a growing population sustainable food production is important which can be achieved by substituting animal protein with plant protein.  

What is Plantmade doing about it?

Plantmade has come up with a nutritionally superior plant based vegetarian egg. This vegan protein source can help take a step towards sustainable future.  This vegan egg can be a great choice not only for vegans and vegetarians but also for people who want follow a diet low in fat and devoid of cholesterol.

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This Vegetarian Egg which contains moong dal (dried, matured, skinned mung beans) and chickpea as its key ingredients is a rich source of vegan protein. This cholesterol free vegan egg has more protein content than a chicken egg. People suffering from soy, nuts, gluten and dairy allergy can easily add this vegetarian egg to their diet as source of high quality vegan protein.

India’s first Plantmade egg alternative has been developed by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  This low fat plant based egg can be used to make scrambled egg, anda bhurji (Indian scrambled egg), egg fried rice, mac and cheese and many other egg based food items.

Process used to make the Plantmade Egg:

  • The grains are soaked
  • Then grounded followed by staining to extract all the nutrients into an aqueous medium which forms the “grain milk”
  • In order to extract the proteins the grain milk is heated and coagulated.
  • After extracting the protein the excess water is strained out.
  • Then the solid protein is mixed with plant based gelling agents after which the product is bottled.

 The plant based egg thus obtained has higher protein and lesser fat content than a conventional egg. This sugar and preservative free vegan egg is devoid of cholesterol which gives it an advantage over conventional eggs.

According to the company in order to make the vegan egg coagulate like a poultry egg which required using the optimal ingredients with the perfect proportion of gelling agents and thickeners was a challenge for them. It was also important to get the smell, taste and flavour for which they have worked with some of the largest flavour companies of the world in order to get a unique vegetarian flavour. To further refine the aftertaste and colour of their product the company is investigating yeast extract and natural colouring agents.

Following nutritional benefits of the key ingredients make the GMO free and cruelty free Plantmade Egg even healthier:

Mung bean / Moong Dal:

  • 24g protein per 100g of mung bean (whereas in chicken egg: 13 g protein per 100g) which makes mung bean one of the best sources of plant protein.
  • Being rich in fibers it aids in digestion.
  • It is a good source of vitamin A, B, C and E and minerals
  • It is low in fat and reduces bad cholesterol levels making it heart healthy.


  • Being rich in protein can serve as a substitute for animal protein in vegetarian and vegan diet.
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • High in fibers which helps in digestion.

This vegan egg can be a great source of superior non-soy plant based protein for vegans and vegetarians. Also people who want to reduce the intake of cholesterol, bad fats but love eggs could definitely include this plant based alternative in their diet. Individuals who want to avoid the harmful hormones and antibiotics that are associated with poultry but do not want to miss out on scrambled eggs, egg fried rice or any egg based delicacies can include this plant based egg, as an healthier alternative, in their day to day life.

According to company their customers include vegetarian, vegans, athletes, flexitarians who want to supplement their diet with a good quality plant based protein as well as people suffering from nut, soy, and gluten allergy. Also health conscious individuals who are aware of the ills associated with poultry and want a better alternative to eggs as a source of protein are showing great interest in their products.

Other vegan products produced by Plantmade which are worth mentioning are a range of flavoured Vegan milk powders:

These can serve as a replacement for dairy. Lactose intolerant people could include this vegan milk in their diet since it is free from dairy based solids and milk proteins. Made from vegan coconut powder it is free from potent allergens like soy, gluten, lactose. As claimed by the company this dairy alternative is devoid of preservative, artificial colouring and GMOs can be a great choice not only for vegans or lactose intolerant people but also for people following a keto diet or a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who want to avoid the ills of dairy may not have to forego milk completely. With this option from Plantmade they can continue enjoying their milk based hot or cold beverages also milk based recipes.

The range of vegan milk powders are Instant Vegan Chocolate Mylk, Instant Vegan Filter kapi (Filter coffee), Instant Vegan Masala Chai (Masala Tea), Haldi Kesar (turmeric saffron) Mylk (this milk can serve as a great natural immunity booster). Click here to visit store

 Plantmade’s Vegetarian Egg and dairy alternatives can serve as a vegan replacement of animal protein and dairy products for individuals who want to lead a healthy life style and reduce the environmental foot print of their diet.

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