What is a Vegetarian Egg? How it is Made?

Vegetarian Egg? What is a Vegetarian Egg? Sounds counter-intuitive, isn’t it? How can an egg be vegetarian/vegan? Well, friends, if you are also confused about a vegetarian egg then this blog is for you

Readers, basically vegetarian eggs are not conventional eggs that hens lay. The vegetarian egg or vegan means an egg that is made from plants but it tastes, feels, smells and looks like an egg when cooked. In other words, it imitates the culinary properties of a conventional egg. But it is 100% Plant made

This egg is made by using a wide variety of plant-based ingredients like mung, flax seeds, tofu etc but their culinary properties are insanely close to a real egg. I can say this because I have tried it. And I could not even tell if it was really egg or fake. It tasted so good and real.

It doesn’t look like an egg. Generally, its liquid mix bottled in a plastic bottle or powder packaged in

But many of you would be thinking,

Why Do We Need to Replace the Conventional Egg with Vegetarian Egg?

I will tell you why? There can be many reasons for the same and we would discuss them.’

Religious or Spiritual Reasons: First reason is pretty obvious, many people have to leave eggs due to religious reasons but they crave the taste. They can satisfy their taste buds by eating scrambled egg or omelette made of vegetarian anda (no animal torture or flesh involved). Many people resort to vegetarian eggs for the same reason.

Environmental Reasons: It is hard for some people to believe but the reality is food on your plate can save more water, earth, forest and wildlife than you can imagine. The thing is that all animal-based food items require way more resources for production in return for given nutrition compared to plant-based or vegetarian food items. Because animals are mediators. They also get their nutrition directly or indirectly from plants. Hence, their conversion rate causes wastage of water, grains, forests, oceans, freshwater etc. Egg industry uses harmful chemicals, antibiotics, and makes the layers breed forcibly. Research shows the harmful effect of the egg industry on 18 different environmental factors and found that its carbon footprint is very high. Its production affects the environment adversely. You can save much more water simply by replacing eggs with vegetarian eggs than you can save by using a bucket instead of a bathtub.

Health Reasons: Many people don’t know that eggs are not actually the magic potion that they are made out to be.  In fact, eggs are extremely detrimental to human health. If you want to understand in-depth the harmful impact of egg other animal-based food items on health then you can watch “What The Health” on Netflix. You can also watch The Game Changers. The hens are kept in horrendous conditions, they are given an overdose of AntiBiotics which makes them and us antibiotic-resistant. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest health crises that humanity is facing but most humans don’t even know about it. There are cholesterol and fat inside the egg which is also very harmful. It damages the heart. There are many better sources of protein than eggs. Like mung beans, buckwheat, cereals, grains, green peas etc.

Animal Welfare: We all have been through hell being locked inside our homes for months during the lockdown. We felt as if we were caged. Imagine how these animals would feel after being captured and caged for life. They are kept in horrible conditions, fed chemicals and medicines throughout their life for high yield in a lesser time. If we feel compassion for these animals, then we should give up eating eggs.

So there is a reason for everyone to switch from conventional egg to vegetarian egg. If you care about any of these; environment, planet, wildlife, your health then it is a good idea to start replacing eggs with vegetarian eggs.

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