Vegan Meat Products in India

I have not eaten chicken for almost three years. I miss the taste but I don’t want to get an animal slaughtered so that I can enjoy that. My conscience doesn’t allow me that. Well, how about some Vegan Meat? There are lots of companies selling vegan meat products in India.

There are millions of people across the globe, who are vegan and more and more people are turning vegan every day due to growing awareness. And many of them, do miss the taste of egg, chicken, biryani and other animal-based food items sometimes.

Good Dot

Few friends out of their compassion for animals and passion to do something for their welfare started a company called GOOD DOT. They wanted this world to be a more congenial place for animals.

Vegeta Gold

Vegeta Gold is a brand of a company called Biotrack formed in 2015. They make mock meat products based on Soya protein and mushroom.


Vezlay is one of the oldest company in India in this space. They make a wide range of vegan/ mock meat products based on soy. Their list of products is extensive and you’re likely to find something that you miss or want. From different kinds of vegan kebabs, shawarma, cutlets, biryani, noodles, chicken chunks, chicken tikka, mutton tikka etc. It’s a Delhi based company. Could be your new go-to place for vegan meat products.

Veggie Champ

Ahimsa foods a company started in 2008. This is also one of the oldest company in this space in India. They launched a brand called veggie champ for making vegan mock meats. Their list of products is also extensive and they have various variants of vegan meat products from kebabs, Mutton. BBQ Hotdog, sausage, chicken, fillets, burger, mock duck, classical chicken etc.


A father of 3 years old started this company after moving to Bangalore from the USA. His son missed mock meats a lot and he could not find anything in the Indian market. So, he decided to make something on his own. He makes veggie hotdogs from wheat protein also known as glutin. He sells what he makes at home and serves his family too. So, you can enjoy some authentic homemade mock meat from Vegitein. They don’t have a website. Here is the link from where you can order.

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