Vegan Anda Bhurji

Even though being vegan is beneficial for our health, environment and the welfare of animals but still many people find it difficult to switch to completely plant based diet due to taste buds.

We understand that it is not easy to leave eggs, dairy and meat overnight. The taste buds keep craving for the cheese, the chewy scrambled eggs and juicy chicken wings.

Being mindful of this reality, we have ventured into the market for mock meat, and egg & dairy replacers made completely from plants.

The vision of Plantmade is to provide the world with plant made alternatives to animal based food items.

The alternatives would have comparable protein content, but low fat, gluten free and preservatives free. We intend to make this world a healthier, greener and kinder place by providing tasty, healthy vegan food to replace the meat, eggs and dairy.

First in this series is going to be our Plantmade Vegan “ANDA BHURJI” Made from mung beans.

This product has been made in collaboration with IIT Delhi to resemble the culinary properties of eggs (taste, smell, appearance and texture).

This product can be eaten raw too or cooked like an Anda Bhurji. We present it to you with love, hoping you will like it.

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6 thoughts on “Vegan Anda Bhurji

  1. When can we buy this

    1. Namaste Tanisha

      Right now we are starting selling in Delhi and Gurgaon. You can place the orders online and then we can have it delivered to you.

      1. Hey there, I was trying to order it online but it says’out of stock’. . Do u have a number i can use to order it or something??

      2. Namaste Tanisha
        May I request you to share your address so that I can try and get it delivered in that area. Right now we have limited delivery capabilities . Also we are yet to get our labelling stickers. Please bear with us. Do share your contact details so we can put you on our list of interested “v-Egg-itarian’s ” and reach out to you as soon as possible.

  2. Great news. Would be interesting to see how the extraction and processing works! Best Regards,

    1. Namaste Sony
      Thank You for the encouragement . Would be out in the market soon.

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