Simple Tips To Improve Immunity

Fighting COVID-19 and Other Diseases With these “Simple Tips To Improve Immunity”

The government has said that we need to learn to live with COVID-19. It’s been almost three months since Coronavirus started to make news globally and almost 45 days since lockdown began in India. The authorities have started to ease out the restrictions. We all are a little bit fearful, a little bit sad, tad bit anxious. We all are eagerly waiting for the post corona world which doesn’t seem to be coming very fast. All we can do now is to learn to live in harmony with this new common enemy (A common teacher as well) of mankind. So here are a  few “Simple Tips To Improve Immunity”

We need to follow the safety guidelines as described by the authorities. We need to carry masks, sanitisers, keep washing our hands, not touch our face, practice social distancing while living our lives as normally as possible.

Other than practising the guidelines, I feel the most important thing you can do in favour of your, your family’s and countries well being is to improve your immunity. The stronger your immunity is the lesser are your chances to get infected and spread the infection further.

Hence, in this blog, we would discuss some of the easy techniques you can employ for improving your immunity without too much hassle. You can practice all or some but doing at least a couple of them with discipline is gonna ensure a better life for you and your loved ones.

Let’s get going.

Simple Immunity Booster Activities

Jal Neti: This cleans your nasal passage, removes toxins and pathogens as well from your nasal passage and cavity. Doing it with somewhat warm water would have more impact. This can be done daily. You would need a Jal Neti pot to do it. Check out this amazing video.  

Pranayam: Pranayamas are breath control yogic exercises that make our lungs, and entire respiratory system strong. It also improves overall physical and mental fitness. You can practice Kapalbhati, Chandra bhedi pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayam etc. For knowing more about them and how to practice them, you can check out my previous blog on six pranayamas you can do at home.

Oil Pulling Therapy: This is also an effective technique for improving immunity and respiratory health. Take 1 tablespoon sesame or coconut oil in the mouth. Swish it in the mouth for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it off. Then rinse your mouth with warm water. This can be done once or twice a day.

Steam Inhalation: Another effective practice for better respiratory health. Steam inhalation with fresh Mint leaves or Ajwain (Caraway seeds) can be practised once in a day.

Nasal Oil Application: Apply sesame oil/coconut oil or Ghee in both the nostrils (Pratimarsh Nasya) in morning and evening.

Immunity Booster Food/Drinks

  1. Drinking Warm Water: Drink warm water throughout the day.

2. Cooking Tips: Spices like Haldi (Turmeric), Jeera (Cumin), Dhaniya (Coriander) and Lahsun (Garlic) are recommended in cooking.

3. Chyawanprash: Take Chyawanprash 10 gm (1tsf) in the morning. Diabetics should take sugar-free Chyawanprash.

4. Drink Herbal Tea: (Kadha) made from Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kali Mirch (Black pepper), Shunthi (Dry Ginger) and Munakka (Raisin) — once or twice a day. Add jaggery (natural sugar) and / or fresh lemon juice to your taste, if needed.

5. Golden Milk– Add half teaspoon Haldi (turmeric) powder in 150 ml hot mylk — once or twice a day.

6. Seasonal Local Raw Veggies and Fruits: Eat seasonal and local raw vegetables and include them in the salad. Eat seasonal and local fruits as well. They would supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need for better immunity.

What Not To Do?

Try to avoid SMOKING, DRINKING and highly processed food as much as possible. These are counterproductive for your immunity. Hence, practice a healthy lifestyle for you, your family and your country.

Compulsive smokers and drinkers, try to willfully do rationing on your intoxicant intake. If you smoke five cigarettes in a day then try to reduce it to three.

What Do I Do to Improve My Immunity?

  1. I do Jal Neti, pranayamas daily.
  2. I also drink warm water.
  3. Eat seasonal raw veggies. (Don’t like to eat fruits much so manage with a wide variety of vegetables of different colours)
  4. Use the above-mentioned spices consciously for improved immunity.
  5. Drink herbal tea once in a while.

Kindly do take care of yourself because the novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 are not going anywhere. The current situation doesn’t seem to be changing soon. We need to change and amend our ways. Probably that’s what the cosmos want and that’s why this crisis has been imposed on us so that we learn to live in harmony with nature, other life forms and our own body.
If everyone follows these “Simple Tips To Improve Immunity” they are much better protected against ailments of all kinds. 

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