Instant Vegan Chocolate Mylk

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A rich and comforting cup of cocoa mylk. Cocoa is known to improve brain function, lower heart risks and helps in controlling type-2 diabetes.

Great Alternative for lactose intolerant individuals.
Every cup of Chocolate Mylk contains protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, Vitamin C,for your chocolate milk cravings.

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Instant Vegan Chocolate Mylk


  • Made from Premium Quality Vegan coconut powder.
  • PlantMade Chocolate Mylk is considered a great alternative for people with Lactose intolerance
  • Alternative for people following a Keto Diet.
  • Coconut milk has a Low GI, and the Slow-Burning Natural Sugar Energy keeping you feeling energised for a long time.
  • Gluten Free, No Preservatives, No GMOs, No Artificial Colors, & No Soy.
  • It is free from all major allergens. 
  • Filled with the richness of comforting natural cocoa.
  • Every cup contains protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and Vitamin C.
  • Mix in hot water in 1:3 Ratio for making a delicious cup of Chocolate Mylk in 30 seconds
Weight 211 g
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 16 cm


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