Mosa Meat Pioneer – Raised $20 Million To Bring Vegan Meat To Market

Mosa Meat, a cultured meat firm recently raised approx $20 million in Series B fundraising. The round has been directed by Blue Horizon Ventures and endorsed by investors like Mitsubishi Corporation. The total investment of the Dutch firm now stands at $75 million. The firm intends to use the funds in bringing their product to market. 

Mosa Meat Production and Expansion

Mosa is the first company to make slaughter-free hamburger meat. For this, they successfully obtained cells found in animal muscles in small amounts.  And further developed it in a laboratory setting.


The funds would be utilised for expanding its pilot manufacturing centre in Maastricht, Netherlands. 

They are doing experiments for creating a plant-based serum to nourish the cells well. New partnerships and fundings will help the firm in their research and expansion. Formerly, the nutrient that would provide nourishment to the cells was FETAL BOVINE SERUM. This nutrient is equally inhumane and pricey.

Possessing a plant-based choice to nourish the cells is one reason Mosa Meat hasn’t yet begun working towards regulatory acceptance. The business wishes to develop a medium that is animal-cruelty-free from the very beginning of the procedure. 

Regulatory approval

The company expects to establish its slaughter-free meat products after getting the regulatory permit. The authorisation process will take about a year and a half. 

Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat says,

“we’re thrilled to welcome our newest partners. All of whom will bring their experiences and dedication to create a more sustainable food system! “, as he mentions new investors. 

Cell-based beef meat will consume 99% less land and 96% less water compared to slaughtered beef production. Such companies, innovation and products in food tech are instrumental for a sustainable future on earth and we wish to see more such companies in near future. 

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