Lewis Hamilton Proposes 30 Million Fans To Go Vegetarian

On Sunday, a racing driver and a vegan Lewis Hamilton confirmed his seventh Formula One World Drivers’ Championship title. That is right after winning the Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul. Co-joining the record, formerly held by mythical German Driver Micheal Schumacher. Now considered the game’s most prosperous driver, Hamilton finished the race in dangerous rainy terrain. His speed fastened to 94 triumphs. Last month Lewis Hamilton forfeited his 92nd win in the Portuguese Grand Prix. He is exceeding the winning records previously held by Schumacher. 

Ever since the sole black formula-one motorist, Hamilton has used his celebrity power to strive and attain racial justice on and off the trails. After this celebratory victory on the weekend, he received praises from athletes across the globe. This included Tubal Tennis winner, Novak Djokovic. The 35-year-old athlete chose the social medium platform Instagram to communicate the concept of “plant energy”. Further discussed his ideas on its success.

Lewis Hamilton Proposes 30 Million Fans To Go Vegetarian

“Winning the seven World Driver’s Championship meant the world to me. I cannot explain how much it means to me. However, there is another race we are yet to win!” exclaimed Lewis Hamilton. “This Year,” continues Lewis Hamilton, “I have been driven not only by my urge to win but also to push our game. Our world to be all-inclusive and diverse.” He further guaranteed that he will not quit fighting for a change. Despite being aware of how difficult the journey will be, he promises to continue driving for equality within the games and the world-at-large. Lewis Hamilton addresses the spotlight shone on him by his competitor Micheal Schumacher. He says that this is not forever and it should be made. That equal opportunities are not based on one’s skin or background color. 

In 2017, Lewis Hamilton used his platform to spread the word on a collection of problems. Involving the environment and animal welfare. Reluctantly enough, he asked his followers to go vegan, boycott leather and animal manipulation for amusement. 

After his historic triumph, Lewis Hamilton shared an Instagram post of a movie about panicking hens led to their slaughter. 

Horrible things happen to animals because you allow it by continuing eating beef is inhumane. If we could give up a portion of our needs considering the effects they have on animal lives, and replace them with empathy. Collectively we could help prevent it by starving the beef-providing business, said Lewis Hamilton in the movie. 

He further explains that It is those people that consume animal products that encourage it from happening. He requests saying “please don’t turn a blind eye” ending with, asking us to go ‘plant-based.’

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