The Perfect Plant Based/Vegan Brownies- High Protein, Low Fat.

When Prakarshi (Chief of Innovation, Plantmade)had just started to learn about food and baking, one of his mentors Chef Vasanthan, whipped out his secret recipe book and taught them the recipe for a chocolate walnut brownie that was the Signature at The Ritz Carlton in London and this was apparently “ The Queens “ favourite brownie. No doubt all our minds were blown, they had to be, this was the richest , gooiest, yummiest brownie we had ever tasted. But could this be made into Perfect Plant Based Brownies/ Vegan Brownies?

While we were having a conversation about the art of cooking, baking and making everything tastier while making it healthier and cruelty-free is an art.

And he shared his experience of making the perfect brownie even better and healthier. I am sharing the same with you.

It’s strange how gibberish words like gooiest, fudgiest all make so much sense when referring to indulgent sweets. So how do we achieve these desirable characteristics?

Here is The Secret to Chef Vasanthan’s Recipe

2 parts chocolate

2 parts butter

1 part flour

1 part cocoa powder

24 yolks/kg flour

1.5 parts sugar

Vanilla essence


How to Recreate the Recipe for a Vegan Brownie?

It had to be mind-blowing. It had enough fats to eradicate malnourishment in 2 African villages. No offence to the recipe and its creators; Prakarshi personally loved it. However, the chef and innovator in him were adamant, on finding a better/ healthier and more nutritive way to make the same dish with the same desirable taste, texture, appeal, mouthfeel, aftertaste, richness … everything.

He just wanted all the good parts and none of the guilt. Pretty demanding!!!
First, he needed to replace the Eggs:

So he used a mix of Flaxseed and cashew that have been soaked in hot water.

Then he needed to replace butter:

Use vegetable oil and ripe bananas

He reduced the sugar in the recipe and supplemented the flour with some oats.

All ingredients in a bakery recipe play a major role in the overall chemical reaction that is Baking. One must expect it to behave very differently when the ratios are changed. Understanding the composition of the ingredients itself and then manipulating the recipe armed with that knowledge.

He believed that with enough research; trial, errors and perseverance, it is possible to make anything better; even if it’s a super indulgent Brownie. His belief made him explore and try different methods and we are presenting here you with his final version, which we are sure, you can make better with your experiments.

Explore the potential uses of aquafaba “ water of beans’’; flax seeds; Banana; chia seeds; konjac root powder etc to replace eggs in conventional recipes.

Following is the full video of QUEEN’s favourite brownie, in vegan style.

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