1. Why do you call it “Anda Bhurji” if it is vegan?

Because, we have made it in a way that when cooked, it tastes, feels and smells like Anda Bhurji. This product is vegan replacement of animal based scrambled egg, hence the name.

2. Why should one eat “Vegan Anda Bhurji” when they can eat a conventional scrambled egg?

Because it is good for your health, planet and the hens as well. Vegan Anda Bhurji doesn’t contain harmful animal fats, gluten free and also cruelty free.

3. Why are you making a Plant based Egg in the first place?

A lot of people who have switched to vegan or are transitioning to vegan or are aspiring to become vegan crave the taste of the food items of animal based origin that they used to eat earlier. That’s why you would find vegan gulab jamun, vegan pizza, vegan cheese and vegan cakes etc in the market. 

For the same reason we are making plant based eggs. We want to provide people with an alternative to eggs which is made from plants, tastes like eggs and contains similar protein as well. We want to help people make that transition.

4. What are the ingredients used for making it?

We can’t disclose all ingredients, as it is our intellectual property, but the major ingredient of the Anda Bhurji Mix is Mung Beans.

5. Is it also a nutritional equivalent of a conventional Egg?

It is a protein equivalent of egg but not nutritional equivalent because it is better than a conventional egg. It doesn’t contain harmful animal fats, it is rich is various vitamins and minerals and it is gluten free too. 

6. Have you added any chemicals, additives or preservatives to your products?

None so far. It is purely natural product. 

7. When would you start selling?

We will start selling soon. 

8. What’s the expiry day?

Almost 30 days. 

9. How much protein does it have?

Equivalent to eggs. 

10. What other products are you selling?

This is our first product. We would start selling this in by the end of February. 

11. Are you going to launch a series of Vegan meat products too?

Yes. We would launch, Vegan Paneer, Vegan cheese, Vegan chicken wings, Vegan Pork and vegan substitutes of other animal based food items etc. also soon.