Egg: It is Vegetarian or Not?

The Age Long Argument- Are Eggs Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian?

“Anda Khane Wale Vegetarian Kisi Ke Sage Nai Hote”

I remember hearing this dialogue in a very popular series of its time “Permanent Roommates”. Suggesting the deceit in vegetarians who ate eggs.

This dialogue had become very popular at that time and pure vegetarians made fun of the vegetarians who ate eggs using this line. And the latter would get defensive saying eggs are vegetarian and there would be a huge debate which never ended with a conclusion.

This has been a question of interest for most Indian vegetarians, especially youngsters, who for the religious or cultural reasons do not want to eat anything that is considered non vegeratarian.

Let’s take this up today. Whether egg is vegetarian or not?

As The Vegetarian Society: Vegetarians don’t eat products or by-products of slaughter. They don’t eat any foods which have been made using processing aids from slaughter.

Since, egg is not a product of animal slaughter, hence as per the Vegetarian Society it is considered Vegetarian.

Well, the answer according to scientists is that eggs are very much vegetarian.
Some people may argue that eggs are non-vegetarian since they come from a hen — a living thing.

But scientifically speaking there are three parts of the egg: eggshell, egg yolk, and egg white. The eggwhites (albumen) only contains protein and the egg yolk is mostly made up of proteins, cholesterol, and fat. Each Egg has enough cholesterol to serve your daily dietary requirements for 11 days.

Can the eggs we get at our homes hatch one day?

The eggs which are consumed in a daily basis generally do not have embyos. Which implies that biologically the eggs are not developed enough to be at the stage where one would be eating an actual animal/bird.

However in the traditional school of thought , each egg could potentially be a living creature . If we were not exploiting chickens to the point of abuse  and forcing them to lay eggs, they could live a fulfilled life .

A six months old hen lays eggs every one to one and a half days. But it isn’t necessary for the hen to mate before laying her eggs. These eggs are unfertilised eggs. The eggs available in the local markets are mostly unfertilised eggs.

So, technically egg is vegetarian but having said that, since eggs have animal origin they are not vegan and have been found to be harmful for health. The increasing demand of eggs has pushed the poultry industry to employ all kinds of tactics to increase production. Using overdose of Antibiotics, hormones and growth boosters are common practice. As a result, these eggs get laden with ANTI BIOTIC RESISTANT PATHOGENS.

Eating eggs is harmful for our body and producing too much of them is harmful for the environment as well. That’s why many egg eaters are quitting eating eggs.
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