Did Delhi Govt. Ban Chicken?

Many went crazy after the news of banning Poultry in Delhi came out. Is it really happening? Did Delhi Govt. Ban Sale of Chicken?

Or is it fake news? Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you do it.

Well, on Monday the Delhi government confirmed the spread of avian influenza ( Bird Flu) in the Delhi and hence shut the Ghazipur wholesale poultry market for 10 days. It also banned the entry of live birds into the city without proper health certification from authorised veterinarians.

Three different MCDs had banned the sale, stocking of poultry and serving chicken or eggs in the meal. The orders, issued separately by the three civic bodies, stated that the rules were applicable with immediate effect.  As per the order, any violation would attract penal action or cancellation of the meat trade licences.

Latest Developments

But there is more to the story. So, 100 samples were from Ghazipur Mandir for testing. And all the 100 samples have been tested negative for influenza. Although just three days ago samples were taken from crows and ducks in Delhi tested positive which led to banning of poultry sale.

But on Thursday after the result of all 100 samples of Ghazipur Mandi came negative the Delhi Government removed the ban on the sale and serving of poultry in Delhi. Did Delhi Govt. Ban Poultry Sale in Delhi? Well, yes it did. But the ban was lifted.

What Should You Do?

Delhi Govt. Ban Chicken
Chicken in Chicken Farms

Although, the ban has been removed it still doesn’t make sense to eat dead animals and their corpse. Poultry is the biggest cause of antibiotic resistance. They are kept in a horrendous condition which eventually leads to all kinds of diseases in them and in the people who eat them.

And if you crave eggs then you can try our Vegetarian Anda which is made of mung. It has no risks of any kind of disease like bird Flu or antibiotic-resistant. It has high protein, zero cholesterol and low fat.

As they say, you become what you eat. Be conscious of what you eat.