The Future of Food

Chocolate Tart


Biscuit of your choice, powdered- 1 Cup
Oat Milk- 1 Cup
Cornstarch- 2 tbsp
Dark Chocolate- 200g


  • Mix the powdered biscuits and coconut oil to make a mixture resembling wet sand. 
  • Line a pie dish with the mixture and set in the fridge until firm. 
  • Melt the dark Chocolate in the microwave with intervals of 30 seconds, stirring in between each. 
  • Add the corn starch to the oat-milk and dissolve. 
  • Microwave the oat-milk slowly until it begins to thicken. 
  • Add this mixture into the melted chocolate and pour it into the tart shell. 
  • Let it set in the refrigerator for a few hours.
  • Slice up and serve.