Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. In the previous blog, we talked about, how archaeological evidence has been biased towards stone and bone preservation, which led to a falsified view of diet of humans during paleolithic age. We also discussed how the anatomy of our teeth has a stark resemblance with herbivores not carnivores and omnivores. In this blog we would discuss the anatomy of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores further to see whether we
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. I have not eaten chicken for almost three years. I miss the taste but I don’t want to get an animal slaughtered so that I can enjoy that. My conscience doesn’t allow me that. There are millions of people across the globe, who are vegan and more and more people are turning vegan every day due to growing awareness. And many of them, do miss the taste of
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. Well if some animal right activist would tell you that mass scale slaughter of animals on a daily basis for years has the potential to cause earthquakes, you would probably laugh it off and call it some kind of propaganda. But my friends, to tell you the truth that this theory is presented by highly qualified scientists in their book Etiology of Earthquakes: A New Approach. The scientists
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. Someone: How can you be strong as an ox without eating meat? Patrik Baboumian: Have you ever seen an ox eating meat? Patrik Baboumian: A Glance Patrik Baboumian is a strongman born in Iran to Armenian parents. He moved to Germany with his mother and grandma. He is currently living in Germany. He developed interested in strength and weight training at a very tender age. He was very
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. very typical statement by a typical non-vegetarian, whenever you advise them against eating meat. Well, this is a myth that has been propagating for years that our ancestors were primarily meat-eaters. Just like a myth was propagated a single scientist that you need meat to build muscles. And everyone followed it blindly partly because it seemed intuitive partly because it suited them to believe it. In this mini
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits. Lewis Hamilton understands this for his team, family and to the world as well. Either we all win and progress or we all lose. Because it’s an interconnected world. We fall together, we rise together. Understanding this once avid meat and dairy eater has now turned into a vegan. Before we discuss his vegan journey, mission and contributions. Let’s take a look at his career to understanding who
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Medium. In our last blog in the series, we talked about the two categories of unconventional meats and understood the difference between them. We discussed about mock meats and lab-grown meats. In this blog, we would answer the question is lab-grown meat Vegan? Why and why not? Well, the answer is that lab-grown meat is generally neither vegan nor cruelty-free. But there are exceptions. Read further to know more. As
Source: – Poonam Gupta / Medium. This need has given rise to broadly two types of unconventional meat categories: Mock Meat: Also known as faux meat, vegan meat basically plants proteins processed in a certain way, so that they mimic culinary properties (taste, smell, and texture etc) of meat.Cultivated Meat: It is also known as lab-grown meat or clean meat. It is like conventional meat, only grown in labs. It is cultured in labs using
We all have been told to eat on more or less fixed timings. Don’t eat after sunset. Don’t have processed food. Eat only fresh food. Sleep on time. Wake up on time. Don’t eat deep-fried food. blah blah blah. We all know this and we know the kind of damage wrong habit patterns cause us. But we still either out of sheer force of habit or because of compulsion are not able to break this
Most of us take digestion and digestive issues lightly because they are common and generally easily curable. But it’s important to have a strong and healthy digestive system for overall healthy living and vice versa. A healthy and strong digestive system is instrumental for fitness, health and wellness. Having a good digestive system is not just about what we eat. It is about, How We Eat: Talking while eating, discussing negative thoughts and watching TV