Being Vegan: For A More Compassionate Living

Millions of animals are slaughtered every year almost everywhere in the world. They are kept in horrendous conditions with no proper sanitation, water and food. You can watch the following videos to understand the extent of inhumane treatment and torture these animals go through before reaching your table.

They are fed chemicals in the name of antibiotics, which causes antibiotic resistance making microbes resistant to most effective antibiotics too. Antibiotics resistance has emerged to be one of the most daunting modern medical issues. Read this blog to understand how poultry products in India are spreading antibiotic resistant microbes.

Antibiotics Found In Egg And Chicken

These animals are forcibly bred, the male calves, and lambs are separated from their mothers and killed. Male chicks are brutally murdered by carbon dioxide gassing or maceration and then disposed. By choosing vegan we can stop being party to such inhuman cruelty imposed on animals every moment.

Being vegan can help us live in harmony with nature and be kinder to animals and reduce the torture they go through at the hands of humans.

(Image Courtesy: Art of Shinya Okayama)

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