Being Vegan: For A Healthier Life

Research from credible sources across the globe has found plant based diet   to more nutritious, healthier and easy to digest. Whereas animal based diet causes various cardiovascular, autoimmune and gastric diseases

Being high fat, animal-based food items are a major cause behind obesity, various cancers and diabetes. Animal based food items contain various other harmful chemicals and heavy metals like antibiotics, pesticides, fungicides, carcinogens, antibiotic resistant bacteria, mercury etc. 

This is due to the horrific conditions these animals (Including cattle that product dairy) live in before slaughter and all kinds of chemicals are fed to them to keep them alive in those conditions. Diseases like Swine flu, have origin in these animal farms. Following would give you an idea as to how these animals are kept.

Plant based diet is rich in fiber which keeps our gut clean and healthy. Plant based food items are low fat too. It is much easier to keep oneself healthy, light, positive.

Hence, Being Vegan is instrumental for a healthier life as well. 

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