About Us

Plant-Made: A Roadmap to the Future of Food

Creating a Substantial Social Impact by making Sustainable Food Alternatives readily available.

Introduction: –


Plant-Made, founded with a noble idea of creating a sustainable business by providing products that lead humans and the planet towards a better health, as it is the need of the hour. Guiding the food habits and nutritional intake patterns of the population away from animal sources, without having to compromise on the anthropological aspects of memories, cultural identity, and taste of food in our lives. Feeding the soon to be 10 billion population,  in a sustainable way is one of our most pressing challenges for us as a species. Over the past 50 years, meat production has more than quadrupled.

The production of meat has large environmental impacts – increasing greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural land and freshwater use.Animal agriculture is the single largest contributor to all forms of pollution even more than all forms of transportation put together. Modern day meat cultivation practices use large quantities of antibiotics and  hormone boosters  that have  given rise to mutated diseases called superbugs. Animal cruelty has reached its epitome and we just cannot be allowed to to exploit them for personal gain anymore. 

In collaboration with IIT Delhi we have developed a vegetarian egg that would soon be introduced to hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. Made from moong dal, without any artificial flavour or preservative , it is the perfect replacement for an egg with the better nutritional qualities by weight.   Next on the list is moving towards other alternatives to animal protien like chicken,lamb, fish, cheese, butter, etc.


Backed by research from some of the most ambitious and creative minds of the premier institution IIT-D;  Business Expertise of one of the most successful software company’s founder and his team. Food and Flavour Expertise from some of the most passionate and driven Chefs.

The team is led by a successful entrepreneur  Mr. Rahul Dewan, CEO of 4pursuit ventures and Srijan Technology, social impact incubator, visionary, patriot.

Karthikay Bharadwaj, Head of strategy and financial planning, legal framework, regulatory approvals, business analyst.

Prakarshi Pulkit, Chief of Innovation, professional Chef, passionate foodie, food geek and preventive medicine lifestyle propagator.

With the support and collaborative efforts from Non Profit Organisations like , “Humane Society Of India” , “The Good Food Institute”, “Vegan Outreach”, etc. we have been working to create a community of like minded businesses and individuals , enabling a tangible social impact.