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Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Growing Children?

Our Story


Plant-Made, founded with a noble idea of creating a sustainable business by providing products that lead humans and the planet towards better health, as it is the need of the hour. Guiding the food habits and nutritional intake patterns of the population away from animal sources, without having to compromise on the anthropological aspects of memories, cultural identity, and taste of food in our lives. 



Backed by research from some of the most ambitious and creative minds of the premier institution IIT-D;  

Business Expertise of one of the most successful software company’s founder and his team.

Food and Flavour Expertise from some of the most passionate and driven Chefs.

Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Growing Children?
Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Growing Children?


  • To allow transition to a healthier plant based lifestyle, with delicious food alternatives.
  • To give conscious consumers a chance to indulge themselves with mindfully and honestly prepared food products.
  • To provide functional and delectable alternatives to people with special dietary requirements.
  • To impact personal health, wellness, environmental degradation, and animal welfare concerns by promoting moderation and adoption of our “pure” products.


  • To create exemplary food products that server as a healthier, sustainable, pure      (unadulterated) , nutritious and indulgent alternatives to their conventional counterparts.
  • To invest in India centric technologies that would be fit to compete with the best in the industry globally.
  • To develop our own direct to consumer selling and supply channels, to ensure personalised service, direct feedback / conflict resolution and eliminates dependancy on large players.