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Worlds Strongest Man Is a Vegan

Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits.

Someone: How can you be strong as an ox without eating meat? Patrik Baboumian: Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?

Patrik Baboumian: A Glance

Patrik Baboumian is a strongman born in Iran to Armenian parents. He moved to Germany with his mother and grandma. He is currently living in Germany. He developed interested in strength and weight training at a very tender age.

He was very sensitive and compassionate as a child as well. He sheltered hedgehogs in the winter and saved dying tadpole. He had a lot of compassion for animals and was into bodybuilding as well. As per conventional bodybuilding diets, he ate lots of meat. This created a sense of contradiction in him.

He didn’t want to eat other animals while trying to save some. One day he made up his mind and gave up meat at the age of 26 in 2005. People warned him against it. Because the kind of profession he chose for himself, people could not see him doing well without meat but he didn’t listen and took that chance anyway.

Then with growing awareness of animal suffering and cruelty, he finally became vegan in 2011 and gave up all animal products.

He says that it allowed him to eat less and more efficiently. As per Baboumian, giving up animal protein made his metabolism more efficient and his performance also improved. He made two big world records after becoming vegan.

Patrik contradictory to his appearance is a gentle soul, who won’t even hurt an ant.

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