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The Vegan Athletes: Lewis Hamilton

Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits.

Lewis Hamilton understands this for his team, family and to the world as well. Either we all win and progress or we all lose. Because it’s an interconnected world. We fall together, we rise together.

Understanding this once avid meat and dairy eater has now turned into a vegan.

Before we discuss his vegan journey, mission and contributions. Let’s take a look at his career to understanding who are we talking about.

Lewis Hamilton At A Glance

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a 34-year-old, British Formula One racing driver. He is presently under a contract with the pro team, ‘Mercedes AMG Petronas.’

His love for cars was spotted by his father when he gifted him a remote-controlled car at 6. Seeing his zest and enthusiasm for cars his father gifted him a go-kart. Lewis won many go-kart championships.

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