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Pain Waves Leading To Earthquake

Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits.

Well if some animal right activist would tell you that mass scale slaughter of animals on a daily basis for years has the potential to cause earthquakes, you would probably laugh it off and call it some kind of propaganda.

But my friends, to tell you the truth that this theory is presented by highly qualified scientists in their book Etiology of Earthquakes: A New Approach.

The scientists who have authored this book are highly qualified and well-known physicists, namely, M. M. Bajaj, M. S. M. Ibrahim, and Vijay Raj Singh.

The theory is based on Pain Wave Theory of Einstein (EPW). It was presented in Russia in 1995.

The BIS (Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh) Theory claims to be a development on the EPW of Einstein. The theory is based on the evidence the authors have gathered and presented in their seminal work that there is a correlation between earthquakes with the concentrated genocide of animals.

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