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Humans Were Primarily Plant Eaters – 1

Source: – Poonam Gupta / Four Pursuits.

very typical statement by a typical non-vegetarian, whenever you advise them against eating meat.

Well, this is a myth that has been propagating for years that our ancestors were primarily meat-eaters. Just like a myth was propagated a single scientist that you need meat to build muscles. And everyone followed it blindly partly because it seemed intuitive partly because it suited them to believe it.

In this mini blog series, we would release few mini-blogs to, discuss how this myth propagated that Humans were primarily meat-eaters and answer the popular myths on the matter scientifically. We would also discuss that as per the latest scientific research the human body does not have genetic or evolutionary adaptations for eating, digesting and assimilating meat-based diet.

The archaeological records have a bias towards stone and bone preservations over preservation of plants. This bias has a huge role to play in this skewed view of the diet of our Palaeolithic (Stone-age about 3 million years ago to 12000 years ago ) ancestors.

It is easy to preserve stones tools and bones of butchered animals. But the remains of edible plants do not survive so well for so long.

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